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A software suite , best choice for manufacturers,fleet owners,logistics wanting a complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality, which includes ERP, CRM, HRM and ecommerce capabilities, provides an enterprise with the software needed to run a modern business.

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Big data and Analytics
we are The DSolve International

IT Customization & Consulting

Services include Data Warehouse Design, ETL
,Data and Software Integration,BI and Data Analytics

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Mobile and Application Development
Software Development

Mobile,Web,Desktop Applications Systems

We follow a development methodology(Waterfall,Agile, Devops,Rapid Application,Prototype,Spiral,Feature,Scrum etc) based on client requirement
We boast of expertise in Project Management,BI Analysis,Data Warehousing,Systems Analysis,Systems Architecture

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Our software development methodologies eliminate the disadvantages of bespoke software; namely risk, cost and support problems, leaving only the advantages; flexibility and simplicity.
The voice of data - Analytics and Predictive Platform
Customizable ERP & Fleet Software
what makes BulkDataPro Product different
BulkdataPro Features

  • Asset/Fleet Management-Asset Life cycle
  • Preventive Maintenance and Service Reminders
  • Sales Order Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Invoicing,Purchase Order,POS Management
  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • Accounting,Costing and Payment management
  • Stock Forecast and Warehouse management
  • Workshop Module
  • Procurement/Disposal Module
  • Cloud Based and Mobile Frendly
  • Construction plant and scaffolding management
  • Plant Maintenance & Parts tracking
  • OE Pricing

DSolve delivers an extraordinary range of capabilities in providing solutions to the agile enterprise. They include mission-critical, client-server, web-commerce, data warehouse, and on-line transaction processing systems to large and medium-sized companies. DSolve implements its cutting edge solutions with the latest, flexible and scalable applications, platforms and languages available in the market.In additional we offer free support.

  • Data Science, BI & Analytics - Qlickview,Microsoft BI Stack(SSIS,SSAS,SSRS),R Programming,Python,Cognos,OIBEE
  • Software Development - C#,Java,C++,Oracle,PLSQL,Android Studio,ASP,MVC,JQuery
  • Database Development - Oracle,PosgressSQL,SQLServer,MySQL,Access
  • Mobile Apps - Android,iOS
  • Data Center Infrastructure Support & BMS StructureWare Support,SmartStructureLite Support,Netbotz Environment Support, PME,DCO,DCE,StrucurewarePortal,Energy Cost,Power Chute

In a world where sensitive business information is being accessed by users from a wide variety of devices-be it their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone-comprehensive and robust application security is absolutely critical. DSolve Products addresses this core issue of cross platform application development by providing you with the tools you need to easily secure your sensitive data, protecting your business and its clients.

  • Mobile friendly
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We have grown to become a leading IT provider in the following domain.

  • Software development,IT Customization and consulting
  • ETL,Datawarehousing, Business Analytics
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Consulting Services(IT)
  • Fleet Management Software
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The DSolve International believes that the most important factor in successful software customisation lies in extensive consultation during the design. We at The DSolve International Solutions strive to include all the users in the design process to ensure that their concerns and recommendations are included in the final product. Many off the-shelf software solutions lack flexibility, forcing people to change the way they work and communicate. It is crucial for success that systems are designed around existing company cultures and processes. The DSolve International -BulkData’s customised software solutions gives management a clear vision and control of the business’s crucial information, be it financial or sales based. This enables management to make the correct strategic decisions, which helps reduce costs, improve pricing and increase profit margins.

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We develop software on BulkDataPro platform which is a suite of products.The product suite,cloud based or onsite, includes equipment maintenance solution,stock control,fleet cost management,jobcard and workorder management,workflow,CRM, human resources and payroll management,point of sale,manufacturing and production management,accounting,data warehousing and analytics. .Our solutions are inhouse and our comprehensive development team customize the solution to meet customer requirements.

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Customizable ERP & Fleet Software
products and services we provide
BulkDataPro ERP Product

A solution designed to cut costs associated with asset investment,giving insights to help in decision making.

Consulting Services(IT)

Project Management,Business Analysis,Software Development,Quality Assurance,Bigdata .

Data Warehousing & BI

Based on client data we help companies to improve decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities through descriptive,predictive analytics

Software Development

We develop customizable,tailor made solutions .Desktop,Web,Mobile etc

Customizable ERP & Fleet Software

BulkdataPro-Financials,Supply Chain,HRM,CRM,Integration Services,Fleet,Payroll

Custom ERP & Fleet Software
about The DSolve International
who we are

DSolve Pty Ltd is an ICT Solutions Service provider. Its primary focus is to Develop, Customize, integrate software applications to streamline business processes. With almost 10 years of experience in Consulting, BI, Data Integration, DSolve continues to offer the best professional services through the world. DSolve has developed one of the best ERP(BulkdataPro) and Fleet Management System (FleetFirst) with scalable Integration capabilities. This gives DSolve International the ability to customize the system according to customer needs. DSolve International boasts of expertise, particularly its innovative technical team which comprises of experienced Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts to mention a few

Our unique business model is based on configuring, integrating and maintaining innovative business solutions designed to meet our clients’ strategic and operational needs™

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Custom ERP & Fleet Software
our skills
Software development(C#,ASP.NET,MVC,C++,SQL)
BI , ETL & Datawarehousing(Oracle,Microsoft)
DCIM Solutions
Project Management
motion graphics
Customizable ERP & Fleet Software
our team
Martin Dzaringana Mate
Chief Technical

Martin brings over 10 years of Software Development and Data Systems Integration, having worked in industry leading companies. He has also vast experience in Data Science, BI & Analytics. He has integrated over 100 systems in the mining,financial sector, public sector, transport & logistics. He has held several positions as Senior Software Developer, Senior Software Consultant and Data Scientist. In his carrier has performed integration of legacy systems and ERPs within the financial sector just to mention Standard Bank, Wesbank, Nedbank, and within the public sector. His development platform is Cognos, Microsoft BI Stack (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Web Services, Web API, C#, Java, ASP and R programming for Data Science. He has an exceptional sense of analysis and design, allowing the team to provide feasible and lasting solutions.

Joyce Fourie
Sales/Product manager

A holder of BCom. Marketing Management Science and brings a wealth of valuable project management experience to the team. Her strong business knowledge and qualifications will secure a successful and coherent managed team that will deliver beyond Clients’s expectations

Ravi Koulsha
Creative director

He brings over 13 years of industry based experience, working with industry leading companies. He has spent over 10 years in services and maintenance. He has held positions as Field Service Engineer, Infrastructure configuration Engineer, Software Solutions Architect. He has been involved in Pre-Sales support and Business Development.

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Customizable ERP & Fleet Software

An emerging new world leader in high performance. Outsourcing solutions, The DSolve International boasts of an exceptionally talented intellectual base: scores of product/ technology/ platform specialists with wide ranging expertise and insight into many industries. The DSolve International rests strongly on the foundation of proven mission critical solution deployments and rapid development cycles to meet intense milestones. This comes from working for and adapting to some of the most demanding industry leaders across the world. For every project, we target full performance of technology for business needs, and always deliver a connected, high touch commitment- even beyond the development life cycle


IT Consulting. Business Intelligence . Software Development . BulkdataPro ERP

Customizable ERP & Fleet Software
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Customizable ERP & Fleet Software
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